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Natural Environment

Agios Constantinos is a village covered in pine trees, rich in colours and smells. At the village, one encounters, on the one side, pieces of land covered by wild vegetation and, on the other side, various cultivations.  

In Agios Constantinos there are approximately 500 decares of uncultivated land, which expand from the borders of our village with Kalo Chorio and reach the borders of our village with Palaichori. These uncultivated pieces of land spread along the periphery of the housing, this way gracing the slopes of south “Papoutsa” with the wonderful colours of their natural vegetation. In particular, while exploring the natural vegetation of Agios Constantinos, one discovers, according to Karouzis, “ladanum, spiny brooms, some pine trees and many other species of shrubs”. In fact, while strolling around the uncultivated pieces of land in spring, one notices the dominating image of the rich wild vegetation combined with the sweet song of the nightingale.   

One of the most beautiful images of the village is compiled by the age-long oaks of Agios Constantinos, which are in fact under the protection of the Department of Forests. 

Apart from the pieces of land covered by wild vegetation and the imposing oaks, at the village one also encounters some almond trees, as well as citrus fruits such as pear, apple, and peach trees, vineyards and olive trees. A special place among the cultivations of Agios Constantinos is held by the cultivation of olive trees, vineyards, fruit and vegetables. Actually, the village is well-known throughout Cyprus for the production of fruit and vegetables.   

Also noteworthy is the fact that the village of Agios Constantinos is, on the one hand, related to viniculture which constituted, according to Karouzis, one of villagers’ occupations during the ancient years, and on the other hand that it maintains copper and iron-pyrite deposits. 

Giorgos Karouzis, Reading through Cyprus, Lemesos, City and District, Lefkosia 2001

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