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New Church of Saints Constantinos and Eleni

The new church of Saints Constantinos and Eleni was constructed at the beginning of the 21st century near the Primary School. It is a cruciform church with a dome built with local stone. 

The interior of the church is adorned by a wooden chancel and a priedieu bearing the icons of Saints Constantinos and Eleni, of Timios Prodromos and of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity). 

Through the chronicle of the construction of the church of Saints Constantinos and Eleni, which is described in detail by theologian Savvas Moullotou*, it appears that the present ornament of the community – as he characterizes the church – is the result of hard, collective, voluntary and long-term effort made by the residents of the community.

The need for the construction of the new church was first recorded during a meeting of the Church Committee on July 28, 1999, when the loyal were forced to listen to the mass from the foreyard of the old church since there was not enough room for everybody to enter the church. On May 6, 2001, after a meeting of the entire community, it was decided that a new church was going to be built. The decision was followed by a “marathon for the collection of money”, as Moullotou* characteristically remarks. Finally, the church was completed on March 18, 2006. A distinctive example of the residents’ voluntary contribution appears through the description of the procedure followed for the collection of the stone which would be used to build the church. Moullotou writes that “the entire quantity of the stone has been transferred from mount ‘Agiopetra’ (holy stone) which is located opposite the church. On almost every Saturday, some of the residents accompanied by the priest and the President of the Community would head to the mountain and load the stone which they would then transfer to the village” (p.63).

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